Busty Merilyn

Merilyn Sakova11


Busty Babe is getting flirty and hot. She actually looks really great in this glamour shot from her site Busty Merilyn. Behind her is an Australian Gold post. In case you never heard of that they make one of the most popular lines of indoor tanning lotions on the market.  Eurgoline is also if not the most popular one of the best brands of indoor tanning equipment.  So our guess is this photo was taken at an indoor tanning salon.  A lot of times they have skincare people on staff and it looks like someone did her makeup in a very professional way for this photo shoot. Anyway all these images are from the website bustymerilyn.com on some model directories they list her official site as anya busty but it has not been online for a long time.

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Dildo Fuck

Merilyn Sakova10


Here is a Dildo Fuck something you will want to watch. What exactly is a dildo fuck.  Does it mean making love to your favorite sex toy.  Here she has a very long blue rubber item in her hole. It might be long but it’s not particularly that thick and she doesn’t have it fully inserted. More like just a tip as she sits on a wood floor looking at us.  It’s nice that she has taken off all her clothes with the exception of her high heel shoes.  Models usually like to wear those when they are standing no particularly when they are having sex with a toy.

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Large Breast

Merilyn Sakova9


Large Breast has the power to bump you. When we talk about large it’s very rare to see a pair like this. We are talking massive and natural and big firm and round on a model who is fairly petite.  She might have some curves  but her size and measurements make them look that much more impressive.  In this picture she is leaning on a chair completely naked.  Her round booty exposes some of her pussy which is still slightly hidden between her legs.   We don’t get a good view of her most impressive asset because she is turned around.  They just hand showing how round they are.  Her nails are done in a very Europe style in the US we call them stilettos.   She has what looks like pearl necklace wrapped around her wrist. I’m not sure but it does look like her bra is handing off the chair.


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Blue Dildo

Merilyn Sakova8


Maybe this is her favorite Blue Dildo that is giving her some intense pleasure.  Her red underwear is on the top of the blue leather couch.  Her eyes are closed looking as if she is just about to pleasure herself.  But most importantly we get a great view of her breasts.  They fall over her arms and you get to truly admire the size.  Are they as big as her head? It’s very possible because we know her measurements are 40H-25-36.  think about that for a second.  What are most of the girls you know 36C maybe if they have assets?


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Sex Toy

Merilyn Sakova7


You like to see beautiful women enjoy themselves when they work.  Here she might not have shaved recently but that’s common with European women.  The bald beaver thing is more of an American style.  And the fact is this babe is from the Ukraine. Her height is five foot five and she weighs 123 pounds.  How much of that weight is her very large boobies? In case you haven’t seen this vixen before she started modeling in 2004.  So she has been around for a dozen years. Hopefully you haven’t missed her until now.  She is 31 at the time of this post being that she was born April 7, 1985. She also goes by the name Anya. Born in the city of Dnipropetrovsk.


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Merilyn Sakova6


Masturbation is done using her fingers. This princess of natural has a guy watching her holding a very thick penis. For the record it’s not real that is a fake one. There is a necklace hanging around her neck. One hand is clutching her boob. The other hand is fingering her pussy. The brown haired girl is closing her eyes. Her head is tilted back. The eyes of the brunette are close. This cute woman is wearing yellow high heels shoes. The woman is lying on her side. The bed is covered with brown sheets. The headboard is made from wood. The walls are painted in white.

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Huge Tits

Merilyn Sakova5


Huge Tits are like balls hanging on her chest. Merilyn Sakova has long and curly brown hair. The brown haired girl is wearing blue top and it is raised up to show her boobs. One hand is holding her head. The other hand is clutching her chest. The pretty girl has a tattoo on her shoulder. The sexy woman is also wearing gold bracelets on one hand. Her head is tilted on one side. The face of the brunette haired girl is covered with makeup. The sexy girl is posing on her room. There is a lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling.

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Merilyn Sakova4


Sexy is wrapped in fire wearing rubber or latex, we are not sure.  These are going out clothes.  One complaint is that this outfit kind of hides her busty features.  She looks great with her makeup all done up and of course we love the fact that she is pulling up her black rubber dress and pulling her pink girl bottoms right over her pussy lips.  Of course we can’t see that much just some pubic hair.  But there is an artistic element to this shot. One of the office girls said it was a tube top but it’s kind of tough to know for sure this is more an S and M kind of thing.



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Huge Boobs

Merilyn Sakova3


These Huge Boobs are clean because this sexy vixen has taken a bath. Her hair is still wet and it is combed back because she has not begun to blow dry it yet. She just put on a white long sleeves top. It is lifted up to show her huge boobs. The brown haired girl is wearing red panty with strawberry prints in front. One hand is holding her top. Her head is tilted on one side. The waist of the sexy woman is so tiny. The tits of this girl are so huge. The walls of the bathroom are covered with white tiles. There is a white sink behind her.

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Hairy Pussy

Merilyn Sakova2


Hairy Pussy is greeting you Happy Valentine’s day. Merilyn Sakova has long brown haired girl. The brunette haired girl is wearing orange bikini. Her top is lowered down to show her huge boobs. The woman is wearing orange panty. One hand is holding the long stem rose. The fingernails of this woman are painted in orange polish. The brown haired girl is wearing orange earrings. The boobs of the brunette haired are so huge and they are like balls on her chest. The woman is resting on a gold curtain. There is nothing else to see in the room but the sexy girl.

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